…Even if you’re a complete unknown

    The “secret” to growing your business and getting more clients in ANY economy is to transform your lead generation into a profit center for your business. This book will teach you how to do exactly that.

    How Would Your Business Change If You Were Selling HUNDREDS Of Books or Courses Every Day…Like Sharon?
    Or Lisa…?
    Or Robbin…?
    (This is just 34 minutes worth of sales!!!)
    This Book Will Show You How To:
    • Use a low-cost offer to fund MASSIVE lead generation
    • Structure your lead generation so that it’s a profit center in your business (and NOT an expense)
    • Make the kind of offers in your ads that pull in qualified people and repel the tire-kickers & time-wasters
    • ​Structure your ad campaign and offers so they pay for themselves and allow you to quickly scale your lead generation (which is the KEY to rapid growth)
    • Get QUALIFIED candidates booking calls with you everyday (that means ready, willing and able to pay you)
    • Help more people because you will finally start selling your $3K+ coaching packages (and if you aren’t charging that much, help you get there FAST)
    • Regain complete control over your own success
    • Overcome the mental block of spending money on Facebook advertising (hint: Risk isn’t a concern when you build your campaign the right way)

    If you’re a coach, consultant or business owner of any kind who wants to earn more money, help more people or become a recognized leader in your field, this might be one of the most important letters you ever read.

    But first…


    What I’m about to share with you is, what I believe to be, the most effective strategy for quick and profitable growth in your business.

    However, it is NOT easy and you are NOT going to be rich within days of deploying this strategy.

    So if you’re looking for the next “get rich quick” plan or strategy, this is NOT that.

    This is a proven system, that when you implement correctly, will generate a massive amount of qualified leads at ZERO cost, and in many cases a profit.

    What you’re about to learn is the system we use to find and acquire highly qualified leads and then MONETIZE them at least twice for substantial profit.

    I’ve never taught this system to anyone outside of my private agency clients who pay me over $60,000/year to implement it for them…

    So if that sounds good…let’s jump in.

    Exactly What You’re Getting

    I’ve put together an 83-page book that you can read in an afternoon.

    This isn’t your typical marketing book with a bunch of theories and hypotheticals. It takes you step-by-step through our process of generating highly qualified leads using a system that pays for itself.

    And when you can generate dozens (or hundreds) of QUALIFIED leads everyday at no cost, the impact that has on your business and finances is immediate and massive.

    Here’s Just A Fraction Of What You’ll Get…
    • The huge mistake nearly every coach makes when trying to find clients and what I did different for the four “Million Dollar Coaches” I’ve helped create (page 11)
    • ​Proof that the system I lay out for you will work for you too, no matter what industry you’re in (page 13)
    • How to beat all your competitors on Facebook so you can show your ads to the buyers FIRST, and cut your advertising costs in the process (page 39)
    • The truth about your “customer avatar” and why using it is working against you (page 23)
    • Why you DON’T need another certification, license or degree to help your clients get life changing results (page 14)
    • The critical formula to unlocking massive growth (handy graphic included) (page 19)
    • Why “interruption marketing” is THE game changer and how you’re going to use it for FAST results (page 17)
    • ​How to price each of your offers for optimal sales (I did all the boring trial and error for you) (page 54)
    • ​The true definition of “growth hacking”, why it’s the single most impactful skill you can learn, and what it will do for your business (page 2)
    • Discover the “leaky” parts of your client acquisition process and where you’re likely leaving money on the table (page 58)
    • How to find “certified credit card-carrying buyers” without wasting time and money on a million tire-kickers in the process (page 28)
    • Examples of effective email copy (yes, you can swipe it) (page 64)
    • ​The exact guidelines I use to write killer ad copy that you can recreate it in an hour (page 41)
    • ​Why the “old school” approach of acquiring customers is a fast track to bankruptcy (page 23)
    • Why everything you know about ad imagery is wrong and the ridiculously simple solution you can use immediately (page 43)
    • Case studies that will prove how my approach works in virtually any coaching or consulting niche (page 20)
    • The secret behind crafting an initial offer that’ll attract qualified leads by the dozens (page 52)
    • ​How to use your indoctrination email series to get leads jumping through multiple hoops just so they can apply to speak with you (page 62)

    And much, MUCH more…

    Here’s the Big Secret That’s In My Book:

    You should be earning a PROFIT on your lead generation and then MORE PROFIT when someone buys your higher-ticket courses and coaching.

    99% of Facebook ad “experts” are still pushing this idea of using paid advertising to give free stuff to strangers in the form of PDF’s, webinars, trainings, etc.

    But the reality is that with the rise in advertising costs over the past few years, it’s nearly impossible to make this approach work for your business.

    It’s RISKY to spend money on advertising without knowing if your offer will convert.

    And you’ll likely end up wasting your time on people who just want a bunch of free stuff but don’t have any intention of ever buying anything.

    Buyers Like To Buy… Repeatedly

    Instead of giving away your content for free, you can charge a small fee (even just a few dollars) and accomplish three critical things…

    First, every person joining your email list will be a certified, credit card carrying BUYER.

    They will have demonstrated through their behavior that they are willing to pay some amount of money to get closer to whatever outcome they desire.

    Second, you will have crossed the most difficult hurdle in any business transaction…the first sale!

    For someone to hand over their credit card information, there needs to be motivation, belief and trust.

    They are motivated to take action, because they believe you can help them and trust you’ll deliver on that promise.

    Third, the revenue generated from that sale can be used to offset your advertising costs.

    If it costs you $7 to sell a $9 training, it didn’t actually cost you anything.

    You earned a $2 profit on that small sale…

    AND… you acquired a motivated person who trusts you and has already proven they are willing to invest money in getting the kind of result your coaching delivers.

    Naturally, the next thing that will happen is…

    You’ll Get More Clients

    If you were able to earn $2 on every “lead” you generate, how many leads would you want?

    As many as you can get, right!!

    So whether your campaign is turning a profit on each lead, or simply just breaking even, once this formula is figured out, it means you’re advertising for free.

    And when you can confidently spend $100 in one day and earn at least $100 back, you will never again have to worry about money or getting clients.

    You can gradually turn up the dials on your campaign, and go from generating 10-20 leads per day to 50-100 or more.

    (We have some campaigns that sell over 500 books per day…everyday)

    Yes, This Will Work For You Too!

    If you’re a business coach offering a training or book on “How to grow your business” using the system or approach you coach…

    And you had 100 people buying it everyday, how many of them do you think might be HIGHLY qualified candidates for your high-ticket coaching?

    Let’s be conservative and say it was just 5%…5 people out of 100.

    If you had 5 people everyday filling out an application to speak with you who had already bought from you, who know what you do, and who have demonstrated their willingness to invest in their success…

    How many of those calls do you think you could convert?

    5 calls per day, working just Monday – Friday, is approximately 100 calls per month.

    Out of 100 calls with highly qualified, paying customers who have consumed your content and THEN decided to apply to speak with you…

    How many do you think would become clients? 20%? 50%?

    Does it really even matter when there is so much demand for your help?

    You could be terrible at sales and close 5 out of 100 highly qualified candidates every month.

    Or you could be great at sales and close 30-40 or more.

    Either way, your business, life and finances will be transforming before your very eyes.

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    “What If This Book Is A Complete Waste?”

    If you’re skeptical of ANY advertising claims at this point…

    I understand.

    And I’m not asking your to let your guard down.

    That would be unfair given how many half-truths there are on the internet to wade through.

    Instead, here’s my offer:

    Buy my book for $5.90.

    If you dislike it for ANY reason…

    Just let me know and I’ll refund you the $5.90.

    You don’t even have to send anything back. Just ask for a refund, and it’s yours.

    The Book Is $5.90… But How Much
    Does It Cost NOT To Purchase It?

    Thousands, conservatively.

    You can easily blow through $10K on Facebook ads before you even know what you’re doing.

    But perhaps even worse, you might not be not using Facebook at all.

    If you’re not growing, you’re dying.

    And after years of sitting stagnant and never cracking the code to selling those high-ticket options…

    You’ll give up – either by choice or by force – and that’s the most costly outcome of all.

    Time Is Of The Essence

    This $5.90 price is a test, and since I’m running a business, too… you better believe I’ll be raising the price…SOON.

    If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.


    You can do something different right now by investing a few bucks in the same system that has taken coaches just like you from earning a few thousand a month…to a few thousand a day.

    The choice is yours.

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    Thanks for reading this very long letter!

    Your new friend,
    Rick Valentine

    P.S. Here’s a summary for my Cliffnotes lovers:

    Ad costs on Facebook are up 600% in 3 years and it no longer works to give away free stuff.

    The “secret” to successful and profitable lead generation is to sell a low-cost, high value item, such as a book or training, as a method to offset your advertising costs.

    If your advertising doesn’t cost you anything at the end of the day, you can afford to do a lot of it.

    We spent $4,000,000 in 2019 on behalf of our coaching and consulting clients. All small businesses, without big budgets.

    I’m offering you a book that walks you through how we do it.

    It’s called Get Paid to Get Paid.

    It’ll show you how to get paid to acquire leads – and then get paid AGAIN when they purchase additional trainings or coaching.

    It costs $5.90, but if you dislike it for any reason, just let me know. I’ll refund the money and you can keep the book.

    This offer won’t last forever, so act fast!

    I’m an Introvert And I Don’t Enjoy Being The Center of Attention…But I Do LOVE When My Clients Talk About Me…
    I was almost ready to give up on Facebook advertising altogether as a means for attracting new clients. I had tried everything and made some enormous investments in people that claimed to be “experts,” but who clearly were not. Rick’s approach of getting paid in order to off-set advertising expenses, so I could reach even more potential clients was a game changer. My business went from $150k in revenue to over $1MM in the year that we’ve worked together.
    – Sharon Pope, Master Life Coach
    Working with Rick is one of the best business decisions I have ever made. Since working with Rick, my business has exploded in a way I had only dreamed about. The consistency of new clients and list building really allows me to do what I do best-help families find deep connection. Rick has embraced my mission and helps me craft my voice in a way that attracts my ideal clients consistently over and over again.
    – Lisa Smith, International Best-Selling Author & Coach
    Rick Valentine’s approach to advertising has taken my business to amazing new levels that I never dreamed of. He has an absolute wealth of knowledge and experience in marketing and sales. I don’t know anyone else who can do what he does with such knowledge and efficiency. Without working with Rick, there is no way I would have gotten my business to the place it is today. I am so grateful!
    – Robbin McManne, Certified Parent Coach